Cook Inov replaces retort electrical system

Just before the summer break Elbe Automatismes was honoured with the order for a replacement electrical cabinet for the customer Cook Inov.

The rotary retort at the Cook Inov site has reached its 21st birthday and although the retort is still in good mechanical condition the electrical parts had become obsolete and were starting to show their age. Cook Inov took the decision to renovate the retort and asked Elbe Automatismes to renew the complete electrical system.

The replacements included a new enclosure and complete replacement of the electrical parts including all transformers, contactors, plc, Stange programmer, pneumatic valves, inverter and an upgrade of the electrical safety circuits.

The retort now complies with the provisions of Directive n° 97/23 CE of 29th May 1997 Pressure equipment Directive and equally the standards

  • EN 298
  • EN 746-2

The retort parts fitted included :

Stange – SE-702 controller  
Siemens TIA S7 plc  
Rittel – Enclosure  
Level control relays Horn and tower lights
Auxiliary contactors Lamps
Breakers Transformer 24v
reversing contactors  
Weidmuller – Transformer  
Parker – Drive  
Finder – Non contacting relays  
Festo – Pneumatics